This is a a rebuttal written by one of our active AAW members to which AAW gives it's stamp of approval:

I note that nowhere does Kouchner use the word "occupation" preferring, as he does, "the American presence". The US/UK attack on Iraq was an "intervention".

Some of his statements:
"What can be said about Iraq today? It is a "democratic" country..." Why the quotation marks around "democratic" - Freudian slip?

"Iraq is being ripped apart by a storm of hatred and violence". No, it WAS ripped apart in 2003 by a storm of hatred and violence.

"I went to listen to the candid views of its people ... in order to get a feel for what they think." Not the reason for his visit. Are we to believe that the French Foreign Minister was sitting in the quai d'Orsay scratching his head, wondering how the people felt? and had to go there to get a "feel"?

"The Iraqis have been isolated for too long and feel abandoned by the international community." Seeing as the "international community" means the US and those who support its actions, one can hardly look upon F-16 bombings, mass slaughter, torture, rape, imprisonment and all the rest as isolation and abandonment. The Iraqis would no doubt welcome a bit of the latter.

"I also went to Iraq because I wanted to mark France's return to a place that is vitally important to our future and to that of our children." OUR future and OUR children. No comment.

"Although the invasion ended a brutal dictatorship, the methods used to build a secure and democratic Iraq have failed." Kouchner knows that the aim of the invasion had nothing to do with security or democracy. And the "methods" being used to force the Iraqis to submit to US control were and are of the most brutal kind.

"Yes, France can help to provide a fresh look. ... it can do so because we are the allies - sometimes troublesome, as true friends are - of the Americans." No need for "a fresh look". As such a good ally, Kouchner can push his friends to end the occupation.

"France can help by working with the United Nations and the European Union in the cause of peace." Just as France, together with the UN and EU, are all working for peace in Palestine and Lebanon.

"Iraq's neighbors must also play a credible part in the search for a solution." diplomese for the US line: it's the fault of Syria and Iran.

"The process begun in May in Sharm el-Sheikh is positive; the practical arrangements it provides for must be implemented right away, especially the three working groups that will be dealing with the crucial issues of energy, refugees and security." In that order.

"The dream of an Iraq at peace with itself is not beyond reach. Much effort, clear-headedness and conviction can make it a reality - provided we all have the courage to get the job done." Get the job done. Kouchner knows what "the job" really means but he'll never spell it out, any more than US politicians will.

"If we shy away from this, we can expect the worst." The worst for whom??? It's already the worst for the Iraqi people.

Too many absurdities here - far too many to cover in one letter.